Megan Gathers Wellness

I believe joy naturally arises
when the body, mind, and spirit are connected.

Work with me and access joy today.


Work with me to connect with your body and boost your self-worth through movement, touch, and breath.

Whether in your home, office, or on Zoom, I tailor your personal yoga practice to you in the moment.

Achieve team building, reduce healthcare costs, and keep employees happy and pain free today. 

Wanting some rehabilitation or help building muscle? I personalize your practice to meet you and your goals.

Needing one-on-one support during and after your pregnancy? I guide women through yoga and relaxation techniques during this important time.

Unwind and relax with my nurturing and deeply intuitive bodywork and meditation sessions. With over a decade of experience, I've gathered a wide range of techniques to give you the reset you're looking for. 

Wanting to energize your workplace?

Hire me for Corporate retreats and classes. I help office workers feel happier, more focused, and engaged in sustainable productivity and long-term health.

"Megan is a portal to the divine on earth. I've brought her into our corporate wellness program at Fastly for a few years (2018-2021) including virtual sessions throughout the endless COVID lockdown, and she has managed to bring our employees (not to mention myself) a sense of calm, balance, flexibility, mental and physical awareness, and value that words can't do justice."

Spencer Blank, Creative Services Manager, Fastly

Megan Gathers

I have been doing yoga with Megan for over six years now and I love it! She has such a wonderful spirit and passion for the practice that she brings to each lesson. She also has a fun take on yoga - allowing you to laugh and be silly as you sometimes tip over or lose your balance.
And who doesn't need a bit more laughter in their day!
She is fantastic and I enjoy every hour we spend together.

Lee Faller Burgess, Co-Founder at Trebuchet Legal