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Megan Gathers

Hello! I'm Megan Gathers.

Yoga instructor & wellness expert based in
Sausalito, with over two decades of experience.

Born with a deep interest in human potential, healing and revealing the innate wisdom of the body, my greatest joy is working with women on the path to greater freedom and ease in self-care.

I was blessed to became a mom in January of this year and my baby girl is now my biggest teacher. There is so much joy and brightness is this little being. 

I also recently moved out of San Francisco, after 22 years and now I'm happy to call Sausalito home. I'm currently working two days a week in San Francisco and also building my Southern Marin practice. 

I believe that the world is a kinder place when
people feel connected to their own physical strength and feel comfortable in their skin.

More About Me...

Growing up, I struggled with low self-esteem, body dysmorphia and an eating disorder. I’m grateful for this discomfort which oriented me to healing practices at a very young age. Through my challenges I've learned how to self-parent and befriend both my body and my mind.

Some other interests include salsa and swing dancing, farm to table cooking, and enjoying live vintage music. My own path keeps evolving to greater freedom, joy and playfulness. I believe in aging with grace and life getting better and better!

In addition to my studies of yoga, meditation, massage and personal training, I'm also well versed in the spiritual steps of recovery. I share openly about this with anyone who would benefit from hearing my experience, strength and hope. Together we get better.

Megan Gathers
Megan Gathers helping a client in a private yoga class.

Everyone can benefit from yoga.

But how do you know when you should seek out private instruction?

Ask yourself, are you...

  • new to yoga and need help getting started?

  • wanting some motivation and structure in self-care?

  • ready to up-level your health and have fewer aches and pains?

  • so busy that a 60 minute (virtual or in person) session in your home is ideal?

  • an athlete, ready to see how yoga can enhance your favorite sport?

  • at a plateau in your practice, and wanting individual attention to progress?

Or, are you simply wanting to give yourself the gift of improved overall health? Let's talk!


Megan is an exceptional teacher. Poised, understanding and knows exactly how to push you that extra inch to get the most out of your workout. She is flexible with my schedule and comes right to the house. Best decision I ever made!

Amy Angeles, PR Manager, Lucasfilm

Are you ready to powerfully connect with your body?

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